Resume Prof. dr. Aimé Heene

Prof. dr. Aimé Heene (born 1950) holds a Ph.D. in educational sciences and an MBA from Ghent University (Belgium). He is a full professor at Ghent University.
He heads the Department Management and Organization. Prof. Heene teaches strategic management for private and for public organizations and currently focuses his research on (competence-based) management in social profit organizations. He has been the vice-president of the Dutch-Flemish Academy for Management, a founding member and secretary of the Flemish Strategy Society, and a member of the advisory board of the European Foundation for Business Qualification.
Prof. Heene published five Dutch books on strategic management and has served as a co-editor of several English volumes on competence-based strategy theory. He is a co-editor of “Research in Competence Based Management”, a new serials published from 2005 on. He published (together with Ron Sanchez) “The New Strategic Management”, a textbook on a new view on strategic management theory, research, and practice. Prof. Heene is a member of the editorial board of several journals.
Since 1992 he (co)chaired seven international conferences and workshops on competence-based strategic management.